The cognitive interview: a quality-enhancing technique (completeness and reliability) to optimise memory reproduction in young, middle and older adults.

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The research project (financed by OZR) is reaching the final stadium. Due to the research topic "the efficacy of memory functioning in remembering events" assessed by measurement of additions, omissions and wrong or correct memory performances we have noticed that memory production is influenced by the process of collecting information. Moreover, the impact of the interview characteristics seems to be age related. Although these research findings are important for the assessment of the accuracy of memory production, they have repercussions on the practice of eyewitness interviews. Because of this, the gathered data ought to be analysed in a way that theoretical as well as practical conclusions can be drawn. Considering the ongoing social debate, it needs not to be said that profound analyses of this kind are of great importance. To test the hypothesis "the cognitive interview enhances the quality of memory production in young, middle and older adults" so that precise parameters which assess the accuracy of eyewitness testimonies can be developed, an extension of the research population (45 : 15 in each birth cohort) is needed. Moreover, a new encoding scheme will be used to re-code the gathered data (on video). In the oldest birth cohort a measurement assessing the effects of motivational aspects will be added to the normally planned research design.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/99


  • life-span
  • elderly
  • memory

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Basic sciences