The creation of a sustainable European research Network on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (INTERACT)

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Among the many challenges faced by the European Commission and key decisio, maker in both the private and public sector, two elements stand out. First: no centre of excellence exists at present for information gathering and information diffusion on intermodality and logistics research at the European level. Several dispersed efforts exist to gather statistical and qualitative data on intermdality and logistics services on the level of individual Member States, but no data base is available that would allow interested parties to obtain state-of-the-art information on past trends or the current position of intermodal transport a,d logistic services provision in Europe. Second: as regards scientific research, which should guide public policy and corporate strategy in the area of intermodal transport growth and the diffusion of new logistics concepts, excellent work is at present being performed by several universities and non-university research centres in various Member States, but no concerted action has so far been undertaken to disseminate this information at the European level or to engage in long term co-operation with industry that would strech beyond the scope of specific, joint research project.
Effective start/end date30/11/9828/02/01

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