The Dutch language in Brussels: a qualitative investigation based on network analysis.

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This project is an addition to an already existent external financed research, running from 1 oct. 1998 till 30 sept 2002 (at extention). This external financing is kept down to the personnel costs and the possibility of the payment of traffic costs (only once a year,in Europe). Therefore, considering the practical realisation of the project, we are in need of extra financing for working and equipment for the academy year 1999-2000. The research consist of a qualitative analysis of the use of Dutch in Brussels. Because linguistic behaviour is socially motivated, we're starting from daily interactions between individuals within a relevant communicative context. Therefore there is an appeal on social network analysis because this approach makes ous able to explain the use of Dutch from an underlying dynamics that urges people to handle language in a specific way.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/01


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