The Government Lefèvre-Spaak (1961-1965).

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The government Lefèvre-Spaak (1961-1965) was a very special government. It was the last one without any female minister, and the last one to go to the very end of its four year term. It was also the government that marked the beginning of the current modern Belgium. This government was in power when the old Belgian party system began to crumble down. The traditional parties were challenged, the Liberal Party left its anti-clerical stance and in the threeregions regionalist parties broke through. The governing parties experienced in 1965 their biggest defeat ever. This project wants to analyze this gevernment, its policies and the societal evolutions with which it had to live. This will be done by looking for the relevance of that government for today's Belgian politics and society, but will also try to put it in a broader European comparative perspective. The sixties as a turning point were obviously not a Begian phenomenon.
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