The international organization of product development: An information processing analysis

  • Moenaert, Rudy, (Administrative Promotor)

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The proposed research study aims to investigate the international organizatuion of product development activities.While the globalization literature has focused on manufacturing , marketing and finance , the increased knowledge-intensity of a large cross)section of industries(Drucker ,1986 ; Badaracco,1991) suggests that competitive advantage will increasingly rest with a firm's ability to continuously gebnerate innovations. Specific attention will be awarded to the following three issues.(1)How does the locational configuration of development activities affect the organization of innovation activities(see e.g.Bartllett&Ghosal ,1989 ; Gupta & Govindarajan , 1991).(2)What are the specific integration mechanisms international firms use , and what is the effectivenees of these mechanisms(see e.g.,De Meyer , 1991).(3)To what extent does national culture(Hofstede,1980) affect the effective international organization of product development? Thus the present study aims to contribute to the theoretical understanding of the factors that contibute to the international competitiveness of the firm.Since Belgium is an open economy , we expect the empirical studies (case study research ; international survey) to generate a number of guidelines on the successful organization of international product development.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/98


  • product development