The introduction of Quality management in Flemisch sports. Research into the effectiveness of the management tool IKGym for gymnastics clubs.

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The IKGym project can be considered as a pro-active response of the Flemish gymnastics federations to the 'Strategic Plan'. The goal of these federations was to introduce the process of quality management for their sport and provide the customers with objective information about their associated clubs. The developed 'Instrument for Quality Evaluation of Gymnastics Clubs' (IKGym) can be described as a functional, sport specific evaluation tool that initially has been designed to assist the gymnastics federations by the award of quality labels to their clubs. The next stage of the study will consist of longitudinal research to establish the impact of the proposed quality management system on the concerned organizations as well as on the (task) environment. In order to examine a similar change process, the need for a longitudinal study is stressed by Amis and Slack (1997). Organizational change is a dynamic phenomenon and it is only by observing the way in which structures, systems and processes alter over time that we can draw the insight necessary to explain how and why such changes occur. Furthermore, correlation will be assessed with the effectiveness of the clubs and with the satisfaction of the employees. The 'Coach Satisfaction Questionnaire' of Ogasawara and Chelladurai (1997) will be used to measure this dependent variable.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/01


  • sport management
  • quality management
  • non-profit management

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