The investigation of policy measures to counter emission fraud in road vehicles (nr. OMG/EKG/2018/34)

Project Details


The Flemish government has issued an invitation to tender in an open procedure to explore action perspectives for improving air quality in Flanders and to determine policy strategies from it. The area of ​​attention is limited to the emission of air-polluting exhaust gases and of carbon dioxide (CO2) from road traffic, in particular by passenger cars, light delivery vans and heavy freight transport. The contract will consist of 4 lots, which are contracted out individually. The core of the assignment consists of Lot II, in which the policy strategies are elaborated, aimed both at the vehicle manufacturers (Lot IIa) and at the actors in the use phase of the vehicle (Lot IIb). The overall coordination of the 4 plots is also part of Lot II. Lot I will explore the scope for legislation to act and the party with the powers and responsibilities. In that sense, Lot I will be strongly supplying to Lot II, although there is emphatically a two-way street so that the strategies developed in Lot II could also be checked. In Lots III and IV, the information on the actual emissions of road traffic will be updated for the situation in Flanders, so that relevant and priority policy strategies can be elaborated in Lot II. Lot III is aimed at translating existing data sources into the Flemish situation. For the same purpose, namely to gain insight into the actual emissions of road traffic in Flanders, measurements will be taken in Lot IV using Remote Sensing (RS)
Effective start/end date1/02/191/02/21

Flemish discipline codes

  • Air pollution and control
  • Sustainable and environmental engineering not elsewhere classified
  • Automotive combustion and fuel engineering
  • Thermodynamic processes
  • Hybrid vehicles


  • emission
  • Vehicle technologies
  • fraus