The Keyed Flute between 1790 and 1850: its historical performance practice and the consequences thereof for its use in today's performance of chamber and solorepertoirewith piano and strings. An approach from theperformer’s perspective.

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The goal of this doctorate is an artistically and theoretically in-depth research of the keyed flute in its heyday (ca. 1790 - 1850): its playing techniques and style, historical context, literature and solo and chamber music repertoire with flute, pianoforte and strings. Throughout the 19th Century, many varieties of keyed flutes existed side-by-side before the modern flute was firmly established at the beginning of the 20th Century.
The keyed flute is now rarely used in modern concert practice, in spite of its importance and omnipresence in late classical and romantic repertoire. As a result of the project, a monograph will bring together and make available to other researchers all important information about the keyed flute. It will give an extensive overview of the development of the flute, important flute makers of the period, flutists, composers and publication places of flute treatises and compositions. On the practical side I shall further develop my performance capabilities on the keyed flute, discover and publish unknown repertoire, play concerts, give masterclasses and make recordings. Theoretical and practical approach will inspire each other and will allow me to go further than mere musicology or flute studies would do.
Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/16

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