The motivation to manage as a predictor for proffessional succes.

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This project will investigate whether the motivation to manage can be used to predict the professional succes of students and actual managers.Therefore , the meaning attributed to the manageial role by both groups will first of all be researched in order to allow for an operationalization of professional succes in view of managerial career development and managerial effectivity. At the same time , this project will start a longitudinal study aimed at following the different samples in their further career , in order to determine the predictive power of 'the motivation to manage' as well as its further development. In this way , this research project not only relates to a central element of managerial behavior , but also ties in with the study of work orientations and motivation as well as with organizational psychology.
Effective start/end date1/01/9431/12/97


  • psychology

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  • Economics and business