The power of recall at an advanced age: a cross-sectional study w.r.t. cognitive development from a data processing approach.

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    In this project we wish to study the power of recall at an advanced age by means of a cross-sectional study. Indeed, R.J.Sternberg (1988,1992) argues that universally accepted theories on the evolution of cognitive development at an advanced age can be disputed and this as a result of the traditionally employed assessment criteria and a failure to appreciate cohort effects. In this study we want to check if Sternberg's criticism is applicable to the evolution of a person's memory at advanced age. For this three homogeneous birth-cohorts are used, each of which represents a certain stage in the course of life and which are analogous to one another w.r.t. those variables which play a part in cognitive development (men and women aged 70-75, 45-50 and 19-20 respectively). A tool is developed to test the study hypothesis, which allows both process and product evaluation (data processing theory). Because of the familiarity of all the cohorts with the medium, a video compilation, comprising several topics in different episodes, is shown to the groups. During the various sessions, which take place at different times after the showing of the video, the degree of recognition and recall are investigated, through observation, analysis and by putting questions. The study is carried out over two, 2-year periods, during which a male and a fema1e group are studied, so as to check for differences between the sexes, if any.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/97


    • Cross-Sectional Survey
    • Cognitive Development
    • Informationaquisition-theory

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    • Psychology and cognitive sciences


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