The problem of change and the synthesis - sprofilation of CLEA in the international scientific world and within the VUB.

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CLEA wants to approach the problem of change and synthesis from seven distinct angles, in which this project mainly provides the framework of these angles, thus enabling a synthesis. In a first phase, topical problems were confronted with scientific knowledge (see the "foundations"- lectures, and the interdisciplinary lectures of "stemmen"). The distinctive angles are: (1) the Socio-Cultural aspect, (2) the Socio-economic aspect, (3) the Worldviews aspect, (4) the Bio-onthological aspect, (6) the Historical-Paradigmatic aspect, (7) the General Systems-theory aspect. With the succes of the "Einstein meets Magritte" - conference (1995) and the publication of 8 volumes from and inspired by it (1997-1998) the framework has had a dynamic impuls which is still manifesting itself: (1) in te research on similarities and differences in art and science, and historical worldviews in art and science (by Ernest Mathijs), (2) in the international research community on the integration of worldviews, coordinated by CLEA, (3) in the interuniversitary research project (VUB-KUL-RUG) on the layered structure of reality, (4) in publications (special volume "foundations of science" 1998), (5) in the research executed by the several working groups, (6) in the continuation of the "foundations" -lectures, (7) and in further international contracts. CLEA thus strives for the development of an expertise that efficiently researches the problems of change and synthesis.
Effective start/end date1/01/9631/12/99

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mathematical sciences
  • Arts
  • Sociology and anthropology


  • contemporary problems
  • transdisciplinarity
  • synthesis