The role of attention in implicit sequence learning.

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In this research project, I aim to investigate the role of attention in learning. More specifically, I would like to determine the influence of axogenous and endogenous attention on sequence learning. Much of our daily used knowledge relies on the acquisition and production of sequential regularities. Acquisition of sequence knowledge like for instance language acquisition or mastering a skill, often occurs implicity. In this project, I want to investigate how implicit sequence learning, which is assumed to be the default learning system that we share with lower species, is influenced by stimuli that automatically attract our attention (bottom-up - exogenous) and by stimuli to which we direct our attention (top-down - endognous). This project relates to the core of learning: does learning mainly rely on the automatic association of incoming information or is learning primarilly based on top-down processing, by which attention is modulated actively in function of maximal adaptation to our environment?
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/10

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  • Biological sciences