The study of the logical structures belonging to the different layers of reality

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The logical structure belonging to a soecific layer of reality is the structure of the collection of experimental propositions with respect to the entities in this layer. this research starts n first instance from the findings within the domein of quantum logic where an operational method has already been developed to deal with experimental propositions. Within this framework, the logical description of the dynamical processes of several kinds of entities is necessary. two viewpoints can be put forward. 1) the oscillations of the logical truthvalues which emergie in case of the twosentence liar-paradox can be 'modelled' as a quantum dynamical process of cognitive entities. 2) The dynamical processes of physical entities namely the propoerty transitions a generalisation of state transitions within the framework of the Geneva school - can be described by means of an action logic, more specifically by using a combination of linear logic and operational quantum logic. As such thsi research will result into the development of a modeld operational quantum logic. As such this research will result into the development of a model for 1) and a sequent calculus and complete consistent semantics for the specific action logic in (2).
Effective start/end date1/01/0131/12/02


  • philosophy of science
  • philosophy od science
  • philosophical logic
  • philosophy of quantum mechanics

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