The use of spetroscopie ellipsometry for the study of thin films on metals with different surface roughness.

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The study of metal surface and their modifications is one of the central research items of the departement of metallurgy, electrochemistry and material science. a lot of interest is going to aluminium surface coveredd with the native oxide film or covered with thin anodic layers or other conversion systems and even polymers. For the characterisation of those thin films optical reflection methods were introduced in the group. one of the most important method that was considered is spectroscopic ellipsometry applied in the visible and infra red region. Morphological and chemical information of the thin film van be obtained from simulatiodn methods based on an adequate optical model. untild now this approach seemed to be very successful and looks promising. This project aims at a profound study of the optical modelling of different kind of films placed on different metals with a well defined surface roughness. The output is that spectroscopi ellipsometry can be used in a wide range of applications. The project is multidisciplinary and will be worked out in twoo complementary departments, namely metallurgy and applied physics of the VUB.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/04

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mathematical sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Materials engineering


  • spectroscopic ellipsometry
  • optical reflection
  • metals
  • surface analyse
  • surface treatment