The Wooster Group and its Tradition.

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This international conference, planned at the Lunathater Brussels, 16-18 May 2002, will examine the work of the leading New York theater company, The Wooster Group, led by Elizabeth Lecompte, and situate it within its historical, artistic, and institutional context. Attention will be paid to the emergence of the company, its place within the contemporary avant-garde, its impact on other theatre artists, the role of governmental grants and co-productions by Flemish institutions such as Kaaitheater, Brussels, and the function of the European festival circuit in general. Next to the different productions by the Wooster Group itselfs, the conference intends to discuss individual projects by core and associate members of the company. The academic lectures, with the participation of leading scholars in the field, will be completed by a fringe program in which the film, radiol and ideowork of the company and the creative output.
Effective start/end date16/06/0031/12/02


  • avant-garde.
  • performance theatre
  • The Wooster Group
  • Elizabeth LeCompte

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  • Languages and literary studies
  • Arts