The world of the Monkey - an archeology of baroque culture.

  • Beyens, Bert, (Co-Promotor)
  • Vanhaesebrouck, Karel, (Collaborator)
  • Dehert, Leopold, (Collaborator)
  • De Smet, Rudolf (Administrative Promotor)

Project Details


This project aims to investigate the possible interferences between the 17th visual regime, its epistemological context and the artistic practice of baroque theatre. For the research project the work and life of John Wilmot (1647-1680), nicknamed the Monkey, and Earl of Rochester at the Court of Charles the Second, will be taken as a point of departure. Several researchers, both with artistic and scientific backgrounds, will reconstruct the mental, intellectual and tactile universe of the Monkey from three different perspectives: 1. an art-historical perspective in which the baroque visual grammar and its possible transhistorical effects will be investigated, 2. a philosophical perspective which investigates the influence of several dissident modes of libertine thought in 17th century Europe and 3. a historical perspective which will examine the epistemological influence of several late 16th and early and mid 17th century scientific developments on the visual regime at that time. In that way, the work of the Monkey will be radically embedded in its historical context. On the basis of the results generated by this cultural and historical research an interface will be developed which should make these data available and usable in a playful - or as it were baroque - way. This interface will act as the main tool for the actual artistic research in which we will try to give these historical and cultural data a concrete form as part of an actual artistic event. This project will not only result in a number of scientific publications, but also in a practice-based PhD.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/11

Flemish discipline codes

  • Languages and literary studies