To practise philosophy with children in Flanders. Points of contact between "o practise philosophy with children' - 'project and critical thinking' - project in the framework of the Flemish education.

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In the early seventies M. Lipman developed the idea to philosophise with young children. He has therefore founded a centre (IAPC) where research is being done to develop educational methods, educational material and the training of teachers. Lipman uses logic reasoning as most important criteria to come to a solution of philosophical questions and in this way he has constructed a societal-normative model. At the end of the eighties, K. Van Der Leeuw and B. Heesen constructed a model where teaching children to think in a creative way as personal enrichment is the main theme. Besides logic, emotions and beauty are used as criteria during a philosophical discussion.In Flanders at the present moment several initiatives have started up but, in spite of interests of the teachers, not enough scientific research is being done. This project will investigate the possibilities on theoretical grounds and the practical attainability in consideration of children learning to think critically, taking into account the idiosyncrasies of Flemish education.
Effective start/end date1/10/9731/12/01

Flemish discipline codes

  • Philosophy, ethics and religious studies


  • philosophy for children
  • practical philosophy
  • critical thinking