Toward a psychology of postmodernity

  • Rosseel, Eric, (Administrative Promotor)

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    Postmodernity dominates more and more the factuality of our personel and social lives. While sociology develops steadily a sociology of postmodernity psychology is rather indfferent against the phenomenon of postmoderntiy as such, even if postmodernism attacks heavily some basc concepts of modern psychology. At the one hand we observe that psychology as social technology flourishes and is in full expansion, at the other hand we see that more and more potential objects of psychological research are conquered by other disciplines such as antropology, psychoanalysis, brain research and the cognitive scienes. Some theoretical resistance from psychology seems adequate. For instance, the notion of postmodern Self is a comlete denial of concepts common to social psychology and personality psychology and personality such as Self Ego or Identity. Various changes in social life seem to indicate that the worldview of psychology must undergo a kind of postmodern correction. Part of this work is done by the socail psychologists around Kennth Gergen's social constructionism. But the question remains whether we had to strive toward a postmodern psychology or towards a psychology of modernity which looks more from a distance at the psychological facets of postmodernity, within a limited adaptation of its philisophy of science. even if both forms must not be necessarily polarized, we state clearly that the development of a 'psychology of postmodernity is the bast way to re-theorize psychology.
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    • Prospects for Psychology
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    • Psychology of Postmodernity

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