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This project addresses GBV in 5 cities in Belgium and Spain in 2 main areas of young people’s lives: universities/student life and

We start with a group of Physical Education (PE) students, who connect 2 key aspects of young people’s life: university and sports.
These students follow a GBV prevention journey. From dismantling gender stereotypes to a better understanding of concepts such as
inclusion and allyship: we create a safe space via interactive methodologies (including sport) to reflect on their own bias, their
environment’s and how this affects their lives and others. Thanks to input gathered via focus groups and digital platform, sessions are
adapted to local context.
And then it is time for action, carried out by part of the students: 'Ambassadors for Gender Equality'. The framework of the actions is
inspired by the unique position of PE students (intersection university and sport). There are influencing actions within their own
University/city (focus on sport) and they visit schools/sports clubs to sensitize other young people, using sports. They bring change in
their own context, and thanks to the outreach they set a new wave of change in motion..
Effective start/end date9/01/238/01/25


  • Primary prevention
  • Gender
  • gender equality
  • gender-based violence
  • youth empowerment
  • sports
  • student action
  • peer education

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Sociology of gender and gender relations


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