Translators' socio-economic status in Flanders and Brussels

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The proposed research is a web survey intended to collect data relating to translators' socio-economic status in Flanders and Brussels. The target group consists of freelance translators as well as employees in translation companies and in translation departments in the private and public sector. The socio-economic data will be elicited with a standardized questionnaire and correlated with data relating to educational level, language skills, specialization, translation output, and acquisition and operational costs. By comparing Flemish and Brussels data with international results we hope to identify strengths and weaknesses in the Belgian translation market. The main aim of the research is to obtain a better insight into the factors determining translators' socio-economic status in Flanders and Brussels, which is considered to be essential to the department's mission of providing correct and objective information with regard to students' career prospects.
Effective start/end date1/10/0830/09/10

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