Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroacoustic Robust Design Applications

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In this project, a study of the effect of uncertainties on aerodynamic noise is proposed using a hybrid computational aeroacoustics (CAA) approach for noise prediction. Aerodynamic noise assessment is essential in aerodynamic component design. The inclusion of uncertainty quantification (UQ) will lead to more robust and less noisy designs. Operational and geometric uncertainties will be considered.

Special emphasis will be put on the management of large numbers of uncertainties and on the modelling of geometric uncertainties. Also novel moving medium formulas will be implemented for tone and broadband noise prediction.

The first objective of this project is to include UQ in the source identification stage of the hybrid CAA method. The effect of flow input uncertainties on noise sources and their emissions will be quantified by a non-intrusive method. The second objective focuses on UQ in the acoustic propagation stage, for a given flow field. A non-intrusive and an intrusive UQ method will be implemented in the acoustic solver, in order to compare their behaviour. Additionally, a complete analysis of the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic effects of geometric uncertainties on rotating machines will be realized, in order to assess the efficiency of the developed methodology for realistic applications. The outcome of this project will provide theoretical foundations and guidelines for UQ of aerodynamic noise prediction from rotating machines in a robust design process.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19


  • hybrid computational aeroacoustics

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  • Systems design


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