Uplift and volcanism in the Tibet Plateau and the relationship to mineral deposits and to regional and global environmental changes.

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    This investigation of volcanism at the eastern border of the Tibet Plateau is carried out in collaboration with the KUL (Prof. J. Hertogen) and Academia Sinica (prof. Liu Jiaqi). The volcanic outcrops in the border area Tibet Plateau and Yangste craton are investigated by geochronology (VUB contribution) and geochemically (our partners). On this base it will be possible to distinguish between orogenic Himalayan magmatism from that resulting from other stress field, in other tectonic situation. in the first case, the geochemical features of the magma may be brought in relation with tectonic evolution namely plateau uplift. The anorogenic igneous rocks along the western margin of the Yangste craton bear Pt. Ti, V mineralization and diamond.
    Effective start/end date20/12/9619/06/00


    • palaeoenvironment
    • Ore
    • Volcanism

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