VALM&M - Industrial Valorisation of Enhanced Modelling and Monitoring Strategies for Key Technologies.

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It is the strategic ambition of AVRG to strengthen our research and valorisation position within the field of datadriven Modelling and Monitoring Strategies for key technologies. Wind energy, Industry 4.0 and AdditiveManufacturing are such key technologies and are research priorities within Flanders and Europe. For many large structures and industrial machinery, and for Wind Turbines in particular, structural healthmonitoring (SHM) and condition monitoring (CM) are a valuable tool for improved operations andmaintenance (O&M) and end-of-life decisions (RUL/CLT). The ongoing shift in business model in the manufacturing industry (Industry 4) from selling a product(e.g., a compressor) to delivering a “guaranteed” service (e.g., pressurized air) needs smart monitoringstrategies to survey the condition of the products. Monitoring strategies will be of paramount importance to fully exploit the potential of AdditiveManufacturing. This is surely true for safety critical applications (e.g., aeronautics).To solve these challenges innovative modelling and monitoring solutions will be required. A key factor for thedevelopment towards an interconnected world of reliable and safe systems is enabling the capturing of high-qualitydata and combine it with advanced data processing and modelling tools, to detect novelties in an object's usage,damage status or behaviour
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/27


  • windenergy
  • datadriven modelling

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  • Environmental engineering modelling


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