Virtual Institute of Chemometrics and Industrial Methodology

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    This European network of excellence in chemometrics and metrology enables industrial clients to face the challenges in the analysis of today's complex chemical measurement data and to ensure the quality of measurement results.
    It comprises 13 centers from all over Europe.
    A scientific advisory board of industrial partners emphasises the orientation towards the needs and requirements of industrial customers.
    The VICIM will offer a broad range of services to the industrial community including :
    - general and customised courses in several aspects of chemometrics and metrology such as : method validation, visualisation, modelling, etc.
    - precompetitive research and development through industrial consortia
    - competitive (commissioned) research in the agro-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and related sectors
    - hosting of industrial fellows - distance learning - consultancy
    - metrological support of standardisation bodies - guidelines and software
    Effective start/end date1/10/0231/05/04

    Flemish discipline codes

    • Chemical sciences


    • chemometrics
    • metrology