Vlaanderen Circulair: Platform for Circular Construction Nodes - sharing site experience for confident implementation of construction nodes for the circular economy

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We know from experience that a lot of circular building loops are poured out on building sites. But how exactly these innovative connections between the materials of floors, walls and roofs are made is knowledge that is rarely shared. Currently, many contractors are working on their islands separately to create the circular construction economy. With this project we want to stimulate the development of circular practical experience, based on the knowledge and skills of the construction industry itself. Instead of labels or control mechanisms that form an extra burden and seem to slow down the transition rather than accelerate it, we will investigate and test how we can use innovative forms of collaboration and knowledge flows, together with the practice, to map out, document and validate more and more circular building nodes.To this end, we will cocreate a "platform" to experiment how we can capture site experience and accelerate its construction
Effective start/end date31/12/2031/12/22


  • Architecture

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  • Architectural engineering not elsewhere classified