Vocabulary acquisition in related foreign languagesand multilingual comprehension (EuroComGerm-project)

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One of our main research topics during the last years has been vocabulary acquisition in a foreign language. As our research is mainly on the acquisition of related languages(Dutch, German and English) Lutjeharms has been asked to collaborate on the EuroCom-project (cf. http://www.eurocom-frankfurt.de), which has been developed already for Romance languages. Now we have developed the method for Germanic languages ( another group works with Slavonic languages). the chapter on the theoretical background for the acquisition of Dutch by speakers of German, who already have acquired English, using the EuroCom-method has been completed in 2005.Since January 2005 Lutjeharms also is responsible for the elaboration of the "Laurentsprechungen" (sound agreements) in Germanic languages. in 2006 Robert Möller (ULg), a specialist in diachronic linguistics, became co-author. Marie-Reine Blommaert has recently given support for Swedisch a,d Norwegian. the proofs of this chapter, including German, English, Dutch, Swedisch, Danisch, Frisian, Icelandic and Norwegian (Bokmal), have been corrected in January 2007. The publication of the first EruoVomGerm-book was planned for the end of 2006, but there is some delay. Now that the theoretical background has been worked out, we can start to develop courses according to the principles of multilingual didactics. Lutjeharms has already started with materials for Dutch, which have been tried out in January 2007 by students of the University of Darmstadt.
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