Working together in caring neighborhoods West Flanders

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The Belgian Aging Studies (BAS) is a research group of the Department of Education Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that conducts research into the living situation, needs and needs of people over 60 living at home. Over the years, the research group has built up a great deal of experience. Their operation can be divided into 4 units: 1) participation in policy, 2) care and technology, 3) inclusive neighborhoods, and 4) social participation. A common thread throughout the research is always: empowerment and emancipation of (vulnerable) target groups through co-creation and participatory research. The present research is part of the research unit “inclusive neighborhoods”
Effective start/end date12/10/2028/02/21

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social gerontology and sociology of ageing


  • caring neighborhoods