Worldwide perspectives on the future and progress

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The project proposed here, consists of worldwide field research int views on the future at the turn of the century and an analysis of the ideas on progress found in those views. postmodern thinking poses that there is no more ideology in contemporary society and refutes the idea of progress as characteristic of human history. Contrasting with this take, social research implements indicators for actual social progress. The present research on the other hand, will look at the sbjective human experience of such progress. The field research will include fifty in depth interviews with world citizens. On each of the five continents, ten people will be given the opportunity to talk about their perspecives on the future, about their outlook on social progress, followiing semi-structured questionnaires. Moreover, similar convesations will be held with ten experts from different scientific fields related to indicators for social progress used in previous research. an analysis will be made of possible ideologies of progress present in the prespectives on the future collected everywhere on earth.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03


  • cultural anthropology
  • social history
  • futuristics
  • Social research

Flemish discipline codes

  • Media and communications
  • Sociology and anthropology