Youth sport guidance. An intervantion study to determine the effect of Target-strategies

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The area of youth sport participation motivation has increasingly attracted the attentionwithin sport psychological research. This has resulted in more knowledge with regard to the reasons why children will or will not involved in sport activities. Numerous recommendations have been suggested with regard to guiding and organising youth sport activities. Many have argued in favour of an "intrinsically motivating climate" within youth sport. To date, these recommendations have not been empirically tested. There is almost no action oriented pedagogical research that actually measures the effect of these recommebdations within the youth sport context. Most of the research on intrinsic motivation among children is situated outside the sport context. in some of these studies, the TARGET-concept has been used, in which 6 specific strategies are used within the instrictional and guidance proces to optimize intrinsic motivation among childeren. A study will be up via the use of an intervention to collect data regard to the influence of a number of strategies within the guidance and organisation of youth sport activities.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03

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  • sport pedagogy
  • sport psychology
  • movement science