A Comparative Study of 12 Electrically assisted Bicycles

Jean-Marc Timmermans, Philippe Lataire, Joeri Van Mierlo, Julien Matheys, Jan Cappelle, Frederik Van Mulders, [No Value] Avere (Editor)

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Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) form a group of promising alternative vehicles for personal mobility and goods
delivery. This manuscript reports about the European industrial EUREKA project called New Electric Postman Helper.
This project aims to develop the drive train for a range of mobility devices for postal distribution. The severe postal
requirements which are not fully fulfilled by the vehicles on the European market today, and the strong interest of the
postal organizations in solutions towards this issue, induced the set-up of this project in 2005. The introduction of LEV,
in particular two- and three-wheelers, in the postal delivery business allows longer, more efficient and more sustainable
delivery rounds. The close collaboration with several European postal organizations has allowed de?nition of the
specifications of the electric power systems with characteristics meeting their specific needs. From an extensive
questionnaire, the requirements of the different European postal operators were determined. A set of discriminating
parameters was identified and used to calculate the design parameters of the electrical power system range starting
from the postal requirements. The required energy capacity of the battery pack and the required motor torque were
calculated from the postal parameters by using a dedicated design tool and resulted in the conception of a modular
concept for postal electric vehicles
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
JournalWorld Electric Vehicle Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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  • bicycle
  • electric vehicle
  • power train
  • energy consumption
  • simulation


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