A Comprehensive Performance Comparison between Segmental and Conventional Switched Reluctance Machines with Boost and Standard Converters

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This paper presents the comparisons between two types of switched reluctance machines (SRMs) and SRM converters. An SRM with a segmental rotor is compared with a conventional SRM (CSRM), and an SRM converter containing a passive boost circuit is compared with a conventional asymmetric half-bridge (AHB) converter. The segmental SRM has an asymmetric rotor with a segmented structure. The four rotor segments are made of steel laminations. Two segments are misaligned with the other two by 15 degrees. The torque ripple of the SRM with this structure is decreased, and the static torque is increased compared to a conventional SRM. The boost converter comprises a front-end circuit and a conventional AHB converter. The front-end circuit boosts the voltage level. The boosted voltage accelerates the rising and falling progress of the phase current. In this way, the SRM can obtain a greater speed and a smaller torque ripple. The comparison is conducted in simulation and validated through the experimental results. The experiment results have demonstrated that the segmental SRM obtains a maximum 7% torque ripple reduction at a low-speed range, compared to the CSRM. With the boost converter, both the CSRM and the segmental SRM can achieve a lower torque ripple and a higher maximum speed.
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  • switched reluctance machine
  • converter
  • torque ripple
  • boost converter
  • segmental rotor

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