A Minimal Model for Neutral Naturalness and pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Dark Matter

Aqeel Ahmed, Saereh Najjari, Christopher B. Verhaaren

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We outline a scenario where both the Higgs and a complex scalar dark matter candidate arise as the pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone bosons of breaking a global $SO(7)$ symmetry to $SO(6)$. The novelty of our construction is that the symmetry partners of the Standard Model top-quark are charged under a hidden color group and not the usual $SU(3)_c$. Consequently, the scale of spontaneous symmetry breaking and the masses of the top partners can be significantly lower than those with colored top partners. Taking these scales to be lower at once makes the model more natural and also reduces the induced non-derivative coupling between the Higgs and the dark matter. Indeed, natural realizations of this construction describe simple thermal WIMP dark matter which is stable under a global $U(1)_D$ symmetry. We show how the Large Hadron Collider along with current and next generation dark matter experiments will explore the most natural manifestations of this framework.
Original languageEnglish
Article number7
Number of pages36
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2020

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