An exploratory case-control study on the impact of IL-1 gene polymorphisms on early implant failure

Jan Cosyn, Véronique Christiaens, Peter De Coster, A. De Paepe, Hugo De Bruyn

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Background: The association between IL-1 gene polymorphisms and peri-implantitis has been well documented. However, data on the association with early implant failure are scarce. Purpose: The objective of this case-control study was to explore the impact of IL-1A (-889), IL-1B (-511) and IL-1B (+3954) gene polymorphisms on early implant failure in Caucasians.

Materials and methods: Between September 2004 and August 2007 461 patients were treated with dental implants at the University Hospital in Ghent, Belgium. Fourteen subjects of this patient group who had experienced one or more early implant failures (within 6 months from implant installation) were recruited as 'cases'. Fourteen matched 'controls' in terms of age, gender and smoking habits with only surviving implants were selected from the same patient group. Allele and genotype analysis was performed on the basis of a blood sample by Sanger sequencing of PCR products containing the IL-1A (-889), IL-1B (-511) and IL-1B (+3954) gene polymorphisms.

Results: A significant impact of the IL-1A (-889) T allele (p = 0.039) as well as of the IL-1B (+3954) T allele (p = 0.003) on early implant failure was demonstrated (OR = 3.9, OR = 15.0, respectively). Also the genotypic distribution differed significantly between cases and controls for IL-1B (+3954) (p = 0.015).

Conclusion: The IL-1B (+3954) gene polymorphism seems to affect osseointegration. Additional case-control studies in larger patient groups are needed to confirm this observation.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)234-240
Number of pages7
JournalClinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • polymorphism
  • case-control study
  • implant failure
  • implant survival
  • interleukin
  • osseointegration
  • survival rate

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