Attenuation of chronic low-grade inflammation in sarcopenic older adults after 13 weeks of a nutritional supplement of Vitamin D and leucine-enriched whey protein: the PROVIDE study

Keliane Liberman, Rose Njemini, Yvette Luiking, Louis Nuvagah Forti, Sjors Verlaan, Bauer Jurgen, Robert Gerard Memelink, Kirsten Brandt, Lorenzo Donini, Marcello Maggio, Tony Mets, Sander Wijers, Cornel Sieber, Tommy Cederholm, Ivan Bautmans

Research output: Unpublished contribution to conferencePoster

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2020
EventBVGG - SBGG Wintermeeting -
Duration: 14 Feb 202015 Feb 2020


ConferenceBVGG - SBGG Wintermeeting

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