Beta-glucuronidase deficiency as a cause of prenatally diagnosed non-immune hydrops fetalis

Willy Lissens, Gilberte De Dobbeleer, Walter Foulon, Luc De Catte, K. Charels, Annieta Goossens, Ingeborg Liebaers

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We describe a case of beta-glucuronidase deficiency presenting as a non-immune hydrops fetalis diagnosed at 26 weeks of gestation. The deficiency was disclosed on cultured amniotic fluid cells and in fetal plasma and was confirmed post-abortion. In a second pregnancy, a normal beta-glucuronidase activity was found in extracts of chorionic villi obtained at 10 weeks of gestation. The pregnancy is continuing uneventfully. We conclude that it is of great importance to verify the presence of metabolic disease whenever the major causes of hydrops fetalis have been excluded.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)405-410
Number of pages6
JournalPrenat Diagn
Issue numberJune
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1991


  • beta-glucuronidase deficiency


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