Central and peripheral muscle fatigue in hospitalized geriatric patients versus elderly controls

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Background: Previously, we have demonstrated the negative impact
of acute inflammation on muscle fatigue resistance in geriatric patients.
The involvement of central and peripheral muscle activation deficits in
inflammation-induced muscle fatigue remains unclear. Methods: Hospitalized
geriatric patients (assessed within the first 3 days of admission,
N=10) and elderly community-dwelling controls (N=18) performed
a sustained maximal isometric contraction of the M. Adductor Pollicis
until the strength dropped to 50% of its maximal value. The voluntary
activation of the M. Adductor Pollicis was studied before and at the
end of the fatigue test using the twitch interpolation method (by stimulation
of the Ulnar Nerve). During the fatigue test, muscle activity was
continuously monitored using surface EMG. In all participants, serum
was collected for determination of circulating levels of a set of 25 proand
anti-inflammatory cytokines/chemokines as explanatory outcomes.
Results: Our preliminary analyses indicate that muscle fatigue in geriatric
hospitalized patients is attributable to a loss of muscle contractibility
due to local inhibitory processes rather than a reduced central nervous
drive. In fact, we found no significant difference in central muscular
activation between both groups. In addition, geriatric patients showed
a significant (pthe fatigue test, whereas it increased in the elderly controls. In this
contribution, full data analysis of differences in central and peripheral
muscle activation deficits following a sustained fatigue test between
geriatric hospitalized patients and community dwelling elderly controls
will be presented, as well as the relationships with circulating markers
of inflammation.
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JournalThe Gerontologist
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2011
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  • sarcopenia
  • inflammation
  • muscle activation
  • fatigue
  • emg


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