Comparison of Rational Heat Diffusion Model in Laplace and Warburg Variable

Griet Monteyne, Gerd Vandersteen, Clara Verhelst, Lieve Helsen

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Optimal control strategies for HVAC systems using borehole thermal energy storage aim at minimizing the primary energy use, while guaranteeing thermal comfort in the building on short term and a thermal balance of the ground on long term. To check the thermal balance of the ground, heat diffusion phenomena need to be modeled. In the present study different model extraction techniques for such heat diffusion problems are discussed, namely using rational transfer function models in both the Laplace and the Warburg domain. The experimental verification is based on temperature measurements of the heat diffusion in an isolated bar. The best rational transfer function models in the Laplace variable s and in the Warburg variable ?s are compared, demonstrating that the Warburg domain has better predicting capabilities when it comes to predicting the lower frequent behavior of the system.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication30th Benelux Meeting on System and Control, Lommel, Belgium, March 15-17, 2011
Publication statusPublished - 15 Mar 2011
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Duration: 15 Mar 2011 → …


Period15/03/11 → …


  • Rational Heat Diffusion Model


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