Conceptual and sociological issues of Mobility and Identity

Els Soenens, Denis Royer (Editor)

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Mobility and Identity are the crucial topics in Work Package 11 of the FIDIS NoE. As
deliverable D11.1 is the starting point of more elaborated explorations in the domain of
mobile identities (in the next deliverables of the Work Package 11 of FIDIS), this chapter will
provide some conceptual and sociological issues concerning identity, mobile identity,
mobility and mobile identity management.

When developing technological and legal solutions in the domain of (mobile) identity
management, it is important to keep in mind that mobile identity is usually perceived as an
idem identity type. That type of identity shows only one side of identity. The ipse identity
type and its relation with mobile idem identity should not be ignored. While in general
technological and legal thinkers mainly concentrate on an idem mobile identity type, the aim
of this chapter is to stress the link between idem identity and ipse identity building. When
designing mobile identity management systems, it is important to keep this link in mind so
that trusted, secured, privacy-protected and identity-friendly identity management systems in
mobile applications and environments are designed, that empower citizens in the process of
identity building.

The chapter is organised as follows: Firstly the concept identity will be discussed (cp. chapter
4.2); secondly the concept of mobile identity is discussed (cp. chapter 4.3). Mobility and
mobile technologies are explored in chapter 4.4. Finally, section 4.5 discusses the concept of
mobile identity management.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jun 2006

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NameCollection of Topics and Clusters of Mobility and Identity – Towards a Taxonomy of Mobility and Identity, FIDIS Deliverable D11.1

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Denis Royer


  • Mobility
  • Identity
  • Mobile Identity
  • Mobile identity management

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