Cooperation Among Data Privacy Supervisory Authorities: Lessons from Parallel European Mechanisms

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Cross-border cooperation among supervisory authorities in data privacy law needs to be strengthened due to expectations and hopes vested therein as well as to cope with the contemporary challenges of digitalized and globalized world. The quest for solutions habitually stays within the domain of data privacy law, but the notion of cooperation has been present also in other legal areas. A comparative analysis of parallel cooperation mechanisms, which have already achieved relative maturity, efficiency and success, offers lessons for overcoming inefficiencies in cooperation in data privacy law.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNetzwerke/Networks. Tagungsband des 19. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions IRIS 2016
EditorsErich Schweighofer, Franz Kummer, Walter Hötzendorfer, Georg Borges
Place of PublicationWien
PublisherÖsterreichische Computer Gesellschaft
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2016
EventInternationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion IRIS 2016 - Salzburg, Austria
Duration: 25 Feb 201627 Feb 2016


ConferenceInternationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion IRIS 2016


  • cooperation
  • supervisory authorities
  • data privacy law
  • competition law
  • border control
  • consumer protection
  • criminal law
  • comparative law


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