D-branes in $λ$-deformations

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We show that the geometric interpretation of D-branes in WZW models as twisted conjugacy classes persists in the λ-deformed theory. We obtain such configurations by demanding that a monodromy matrix constructed from the Lax connection of the λ-deformed theory continues to produce conserved charges in the presence of boundaries. In this way the D-brane configurations obtained correspond to “integrable” boundary configurations. We illustrate this with examples based on SU(2) and SL(2, ℝ), and comment on the relation of these D-branes to both non-Abelian T-duality and Poisson-Lie T-duality. We show that the D2 supported by D0 charge in the λ-deformed theory map, under analytic continuation together with Poisson-Lie T-duality, to D3 branes in the η-deformation of the principal chiral model.

Original languageEnglish
Article number15
Number of pages35
JournalThe Journal of high energy physics
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 4 Sep 2018


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  • D-branes
  • Integrable Field Theories
  • String Duality


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