D3.7: Visual QA-check scenarios and evaluation for diagnostic physicians

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The CIMI project pays attention to the growing complexity of medical imaging. Task 3.2 had as an objective to take a closer look at the quality assurance checks for displays used for medical diagnostic tasks. More particularly, our aim was to evaluate the user friendliness of a calibration management software package, Medical QAWeb, with special attention for the local agent.
The image quality is of utmost importance when performing a medical diagnosis. The medical displays need to be reliable and therefore a regular calibration of the PACS display system is required. The monitoring and calibration happens largely automatic and in the background: the QAweb software allows for the management of this calibration process and the standards that need to be complied with. The local component mainly comes into play when the fast calibration of the displays has failed. The software is mainly used by PACS administrator and IT managers, and to a lesser extent by medical personnel.
In this deliverable, we will take a closer look at the interface of this local agent. Results with regard to the server component of the Medical QAweb application will only be mentioned when related to the local agent. We will first explain the methods used for gathering the data, next we will highlight the results. We will end by formulating a number of recommendations and conclusions with regard to the Medical QAweb Agent and the design trajectory we think it should follow in the future.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Oct 2011


  • usability
  • software
  • calibration
  • medical IT


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