D.5.3 Care4Balance - Business Model & Exploitation Plan

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The concept behind Care4Balance wants to enable the development of the care services towards personalized/on-demand care while taking into account today's social and budget environment. The business model constructed around the Care4Balance solution leverages the fact that formal care delivery is re-structuring itself in terms of economics and services, and that informal carergivers are increasingly considered as an integral part of the care circle and, as such, their contribution is expected to become more and more formalised.

Therefore, the drive behind the following business model is first and foremost to promote a balanced ecosystem in which informal and formal care strengthen and complement each other towards a sustainable care model for the ageing society where ICT enabled platforms can offer efficient ways to manage this system.

With the mind set of commercialisation partners who will take the whole risk of the project going forward, it is essential to validate the markets, the chosen segments and the revenue potential of the solution, as well as anticipate and be ready to address any hindrance in the supply chain or among the targeted customers. Once confidence has been gained in the market conditions, a sustainable plan must be thought out to demonstrate to the partners the feasibility and teh economic viability of their missions and objectives.

To that effect, the structure of the document follows the logics development:

1. Market environment

2. Description of the solution in the market context. Innovation and USP

3. Value chains, overall and by country

4. Selection of the business model and justification

5. Market figures and financial potential

and concludes on:

• a list of priorities between the end of the project and the commercial launch, as well as

• a description of the business partners' roadmap for market development and sales growth.

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PublisheriMinds Digital Society Department
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


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