Deliverable 6.1 Business Model Analysis for G@S

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The G@S (Games at School) project aims to research and develop an open platform for the creation and distribution of educational video games. So far, serious games only constitute a minor part of the otherwise huge video games market, and the upsurge of mobile games, mobile applications and social games has led to both a fragmentation and saturation of the market. In this competitive and constantly changing market, the business model can become one of the most important features determining the success or failure of an educational game.

In this Deliverable, we aim to delineate in collaboration with the involved industry actors the critical issues of G@S' value network according to different business model scenarios. The goal is to build up an extensive illustration of the positions of all actors and flows in terms of services offered, technical design choices taken, and financial revenue schemes adopted. As such, this Deliverable provides a detailed overview of the value network and calculates the outcome of possible business model scenarios for G@S. The value network analysis will serve all stakeholders as a basis for future decisions in the business model adoption of G@S.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages22
EditionGames at Schools (G@S)
Publication statusPublished - 18 Dec 2013


  • business modelling
  • value network
  • eductional games
  • G@S


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