Deliverable D2.2.Methodological Approach

Katriina Kilpi, Bram Lievens, Makis Stamatelatos, Marc Aguilar Santiago, Dirk Osstyn

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Executive Summary
The objective of this deliverable is to define and present SPECIFI Living Lab pilot framework. This framework enables the different pilots in the different cities to have a common approach that optimizes the efforts and therefore the efficiency of the pilot and its objectives. This has been the result of a collaborative process with the SPECIFI partners and especially with the various pilots (and pilot leads). Based on the objectives of the project on the one hand and the pilots on the other hand, we needed to create a framework that offers (1) guidance and grip and (2) sufficient flexibility to the pilots to adapt to their local context. It is important to acknowledge that this is not an evaluation framework, nor a living lab framework. The SPECIFI Living Lab pilot framework describes an approach on how the different pilots can set up their pilot as a whole. The basic concepts around which this has been built are derived from the literature review and the interaction with the partners. The key elements identified are: iterative, co-creation, gradual, user-centred, multi-stakeholder and permanent monitoring and validation.

The deliverable consists of the following main sections. First, we provide and introduction to the Living Lab concept and an overview of different Living lab methodologies created in order to extract central elements from them necessary for the SPECIFI Living Lab pilot framework. Second, we list and describe briefly the three specific SPECIFI pilots (Barcelona, Kortrijk and Trento) and their respective living labs. Here we focus mainly on how they differ in their set-ups, objectives and practises as this is important for the boundaries and requirements of the SPECIFI framework, which has to take into account the different objectives and activities, providing sufficient flexibility but still providing sufficient grip to the pilots to use it. Thirdly, we present the overall SPECIFI Living Lab pilot framework that has been built up around the following main Living Lab concepts: gradual flow, iterative, co-creative and bottom-up approach. This offers a general approach for the different SPECIFI pilots in setting up an incremental, scalable, multi-stakeholder driven iterative pilot PoC testing process. Subsequently we translated this framework into specific phases and processes. Here we go more into detail into the specific steps and points-of-attention when setting up a SPECIFI pilot. Finally, the last section focuses on the set-up of an inter (cross-border)-pilot. Next to the process of inter-piloting, we offer a set of elements that needs to be considered and tackled when setting up an inter-pilot in which (a) component(s) from one pilot are integrated in and connected with another.

The SPECIFI Living Lab pilot framework has both connections to the evaluation framework and the pilots themselves. With regard to the first, the pilot framework offers a stepping-stone to map the various evaluation objectives and activities to the different steps the pilots will take (based on the SPECIFI framework). For the pilots, it gives a framework and concrete steps to be taken to guarantee a pilot set-up in which they can test and validate in the most optimal and efficient way. How the framework will be applied is something that will be decided within each of the pilots themselves. This deliverable presents not only the building blocks of the pilot set up, but it also offers a number of checklists and templates for planning to support these pilots in their activities.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Nov 2013

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NameDeliverable D2.2. Methodological Approach in Smart Platforms Enabling the Creative Industries for Future Internet (SPECIFI)


  • living lab methodology


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