Development of a lab-on-a-disk platform for detection of parasite eggs in animal stool

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We recently developed (in collaboration with J&J) a lab-on-a-disk platform based on centrifugal flotation for fast identification and quantification of parasite eggs in stool1. The concept of our technique was related to the Cornell Wisconsin method. The transfer of eggs from centrifugation tube to microscope slide has been largely neglected in this process, leading to an error-prone procedure and weak sensitivity compared to other methods2. With our approach
integrating centrifugation and visualization into a single platform improved sensitivity as the requirement for egg transfer is eliminated. We implemented essential new features to improve the PMMA-based diagnostic performance, such as guided flotation, continuous size-based filtering and single shot imaging. In the current contribution, results of experiments that we
have performed using a new generation of devices performed in Uganda with stool samples from cattle infected with intestinal parasites are shown. 1g of solid stool was suspended (6-step procedure) in 0.5mL flotation solution (saturated NaCl). The sample was injected using a plastic syringe and eggs were successfully isolated and collected within the imaging zone at
5000RPM in 5min. The experiments showed that enhancing the flotation behavior of parasite
eggs by employing microfluidics and centrifugation for their collection in a single imaging area provided clear advantages regarding digital data creation as well as easier identification and quantification.

1. Sukas, S., Van Dorst, B., Kryj, A., Lagatie, O., De Malsche, W., Stuyver, L., “Development of lab-on-a-disk platform with digital imaging for identification and counting of parasite eggs in human and animal stool.”,
Micromachines, 2019, 12, 852.
2. Cringoli, G., Maurelli, M.P., Levecke, B., Bosco, A., Vercruysse, J., Utzinger J., Rinaldi, L., "The Mini-FLOTAC technique for the diagnosis of helminth and protozoan infections in humans and animals." Nature Protocols, 2017, 12, 1723–1732.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication25th National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS2020)
PublisherUniversité de Liège
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event25th National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS 2020) - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, University of Liège, Gembloux, Belgium
Duration: 31 Jan 202031 Jan 2020


Conference25th National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS 2020)
Abbreviated titleNSABS 2020
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