Diversity, multilingualism and cultural transfer: Theoretical reflections

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The discussion of the dynamic relationship between identity and alterity, between self and other in literature and philosophy is the main focus in this contribution. The contribution, which has a theoretical basis, will be divided into three major fields of interest: 1. Democracy, Understanding, and Multilingualism; 2. Transcultural Multiple Identities; and 3. Essence and Hybridity of Culture. Through these focal points, we will show on the one hand how cultural transfer is characterized by multiple processes of exchange of information, discourses, symbols and practices which invariably lead to cultural transformations and reinterpretations. On the other hand, we will highlight that the mediation of these transformations and reinterpretations is realized by actors which are integrated in networks, whether these be groups or nation states.
Original languageTurkish
Title of host publication21. yy. Süper Farklılıklar ve Vatandaşlık Bilinci
Subtitle of host publicationTeori ve Uygulamalar
Place of PublicationAnkara
PublisherAkademisyen Kitabevi
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)978-625-7707-46-6
Publication statusPublished - 30 Dec 2020

Bibliographical note

Seyfi Özgüzel (Ed.), 21. yy. Süper Farklılıklar ve Vatandaşlık Bilinci Teori ve Uygulamalar. Ankara, Akademisyen Kitabevi, 2020, 1-8. ISBN 978-625-7707-46-6


  • democracy
  • multilingualism
  • translation
  • cultural transfer

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