Double PASS is specialised in the management of quality and performance in sports. Special attention is given to the traditional sports club and, more specifically, to the training of the younger members of the clubs as a niche.

Our approach is based on a fully integrated and only to sports dedicated quality check system, aimed at improving each sports organization structurally and durably . We not only measure and monitor all quality and performance indicators, we also inform, advise and coach all those involved. In our research of total quality, we effectively seek to offer ample support to these people, who often are volunteers.

- Double PASS evaluates and advises: the first step is to perform a specific quality analysis of the sports organization, focusing on all aspects related to sports and management techniques. Based on this analysis, we formulate specific tailor-made recommendations regarding the organization and all its members. We are strongly convinced that this is the only way to consistently improve the quality of sports.

- Double PASS recognizes and certifies: thanks to our procedure, based upon a fully structured and standardized evaluation by experienced auditors, we guarantee an entirely objective quality assessment. The results of the quality evaluation allow us to set up a fully elaborated en reliable certification system. In this way, the 'Foot PASS' quality-stars can be viewed as an internationally recognized quality label for the youth academies of a football club.

- Double PASS informs and assists: by means of the quality projects, Double PASS offers professional support to sports clubs. The basic principle of all our projects is 'to measure in order to know, in order to improve'. Our assessment and management assistance package includes workshops and trainings aimed at improving the genuine quality of the sports organization and all its members.

Through the implementation of our quality assessment program we incite clubs to adopt a more professional attitude and practice towards their youth academy and help to assure the continuity and the transparency of the club management. When considering the large turnover in the sports sector, the importance of these aspects becomes clear.
Translated title of the contributionDouble PASS, Spin-off Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2004


  • quality management
  • Sport clubs
  • youth academies
  • performance management
  • sport
  • Talent development


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