Dynamic CT cardiac perfusion protocol at 70 kV: impact on radiation and contrast agent dose

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Aims and objectives: Wide detector CT systems can perform repeated acquisitions over a constant patient volume without table movement, allowing dynamic CT scanning. For the detection of coronary artery disease (CAD), it has been reported that dynamic imaging of myocardial perfusion shows a high, nearly comparable di[…]

Methods and materials: CT scan and contrast injection protocol Prospective gated (75% R-R interval) dynamic perfusion scans (22 repeated one-beat passes) over a 140 mm volume were performed on an adult minipig with standard 100 kVp and reduced 70 kVp (Revolution CT, GE Healthcare), Figure 1. Each scan protocol was repea[…]

Results: With the (70 kV, 200 mg I/mL) protocol, the maximum enhancement in the blood and myocard were 450 HU and 65 HU, compared to 290 HU and 45 HU with standard (100 kV, 320 mg I/mL). Figures 3 and 4 display the normalized time enhancement curves for the LVC and myocard. Despite their difference in scan[…]

Conclusion: Reducing radiation dose and contrast agent dose are important aspects towards patient safety of this new technique, in particular for younger patients and patients with renal insufficiency. Initial data suggests that a 70 kV CTP protocol allows myocard perfusion evaluation at significantly reduced[…]

Personal information: Dynamic 22-pass datasets are available for postprocessing research purposes. Please contact Nico.Buls@uzbrussel.be or drcjaudet@gmail.com for their availability.

References: 1 Huber AM, Leber V, Gramer BM et al (2013) Myocardium: dynamic versus single-shot CT perfusion imaging. Radiology 269(2):378-86. 2 Bae KT (2010) Intravenous contrast medium administration and scan timing at CT: considerations and approaches. Radiology 256:32–61 3 Nakaura T, Awai K, Maruyama N […]
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventEuropean Conference of Radiology - Austria Center Vienna, Wenen, United Kingdom
Duration: 2 Mar 20166 Mar 2016


ConferenceEuropean Conference of Radiology
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom

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