Effect of Strontium on PTHrP, OPG and RANKL mRNA expression in osteoblastic like cells (UMR 106.1)

Nicole Nijs-De Wolf, R Karmali, Ingo Beyer, Pierre Bergmann

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AIM : Sr2+ increases bone mass by increasing formation and decreasing resorption (Bone 2007;40S1:S5). PTHrP production by osteoblastic cells could regulate bone formation (J Clin Invest 2005;115:2402). Sr2+ could decrease resorption by regulating the OPG/RANK-L balance (Calcif Tissue Int 2006;78 S1:129). Here we investigated the effect of Sr2+ on PTHrP, OPG and RANKL expression in osteoblast like cells.
METHOD: UMR 106.1 cells were cultivated in EMEM medium with 1 % FCS and 50 ng/mL ascorbic acid. At confluence the cells were placed for 24h in a medium without Ca. SrCl2 was then added (0.5 - 2 mM) during 1 - 6 hours. Sr2+ effect was also investigated with 1.25 mM Ca2+. Total RNA was reverse transcribed and analyzed by real-time PCR. Hprt1 and ubiquitin C were used as housekeeping genes. Cells incubated without Sr2+ were used as reference. A gravid uterus and UMR 106.1 cells cultivated in ? MEM -10%FCS were used as positive controls for PTHrP mRNA and for OPG and RANKL mRNA respectively. Water and samples without RT were used as negative controls. The results were expressed as 2??Ct between cells incubated with and without Sr2+ in the same incubation.
RESULTS : In the absence of Ca2+, the expression of PTHrP was significantly increased by Sr2+ (2??Ct=1.22 (1.07-1.37), pCONCLUSION: Incubation of OB like cells with Sr2+ increases PTHrP mRNA expression independently of the presence of calcium in the incubation medium. An increased local production of PTHrP could contribute to increase formation in patients treated with Sr2+. OPG expression is only increased by Sr2+ when cells are incubated without Ca2+. There is no effect of Sr2+ on RANKL in this culture system.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAmerican Society of Bone and Mineral Research
Publication statusPublished - 12 Sep 2008
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Duration: 12 Sep 2008 → …


Period12/09/08 → …


  • osteoblasts
  • UMR 106.1 cells
  • strontium
  • osteoprotegerin (OPG)
  • PTHrP


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