From Bedside Medicine to Surveillance Medicine: the Effects of eHealth on the Medical Profession

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eHealth, or the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health, should lead to better and efficient patient care, cost-effective management of resources and services, increase the quality of healthcare, improve access to healthcare and provide overall better organization that makes medicine more personalized for patients. However, out of these new digital and mobile developments a multitude of shared digital database-assisted applications (sDDAAs) emerged within the health sector. These databases that are not only used for patients’ medical information, but also for monitoring of patients, communication between clinicians/patients, intercommunication between medical peers, and algorithmic health data analysis. We aim to explore how these sDDAAs redefine the role of caregivers/caretakers and (re-)shape the relations between caregivers/caretakers and between peers in the medical sector. Focus is on the on the shift from the ‘medical gaze’ (Foucault, 1973), a primarily unidirectional inspection by the medical professional of the status of the patient, to multiple gazes into multiple directions.
Our interest is in eHealth applications used in the patient-caretaker relation where the community-dwelling patient has been formally diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) aged 60 or over. We examine how caregivers experience the shifts in medical gaze and associated effects. We also investigate how MCI patients understand their own role, the role of physicians and healthcare institutions within the context of sDDAAs. We aim to answer these research questions primarily through a survey, and interviews with Flemish caregivers and patients with MCI. Furthermore, focus groups will be organized with professional caregivers.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusSubmitted - 23 Apr 2022
EventEurocrim2022 - Faculdade de Derecho, Malaga, Spain
Duration: 21 Sep 202224 Sep 2022




  • eHealth
  • surveillance


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